Action Building Maintenance, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business. The company’s success is largely due to its recognition of the needs of its commercial customers and its ability to satisfy those needs completely.

Our Management Staff

Neil Schachter


Action Building Maintenance was started by Neil Schachter in 1995. Within 10 years, the company was already cleaning ¾ of a million square feet of space. Neil’s constant focus and motto is “we are not looking to be the biggest, just the best”. Neil is well known in the industry for his impeccable honesty, hard work and dedication to his clients. He prides himself on always being available to address any concerns his clients may have and his quick response time in assuring customer satisfaction.
In an industry with a high rate of employee turn around, Action is proud to have a high rate of employee loyalty and continuity. In many cases, the same crew has serviced clients for years. This can be attributed to the warm, personal relationship that Neil has with the workers. This relationship has fostered a deep dedication and strong work ethic among the employees.

Neil manages customer relationships from initial contact to service delivery and is involved in all areas of new business development. He analyzes his clients' business operations and processes with an ability to identify and recommend improvements resulting in cost reductions and increased productivity and efficiency.
Community service is high on Neil’s list of priorities. He serves on the board of directors of an organization that helps people in need which is especially crucial in these difficult economic times. Neil also serves as president of one of the largest and most successful citizens patrol group in the country.

Mary Kay Frain

Operations Manager

Our Operations Manager, Mary Kay Frain, has been in the building service industry since 1986 and in charge of operations at Action since 2000. Standing at five feet two inches, Mary Kay casts a shadow that is ten feet tall! She knows first-hand every aspect of the janitorial cleaning business and is an expert in her field. Her excellent customer relations skills and her sixth sense about what the customer needs make her an invaluable asset to our clients. In addition, she has a great working rapport with all employees and manages her duties with efficiency and professionalism providing the clients with top notch service and staff. Mary Kay’s positive can-do attitude, pleasant disposition and expertise translate into a very efficient and successful operation for our most valued players – our customers.

Mike Schachter


Our CFO, Mike Schachter, joined our operation in 2005. With a degree in computer science and a past teacher of higher mathematics, Mike constantly makes sure that all of the numbers are crunched, calculated and balanced. He is responsible for the business side of things and all that “magic” that happens behind the computer screen. Mike is skilled in every phase of business development, operations and administration.  He is focused on improving all processes throughout the organization while maintaining excellent customer service.

Insurance and Bonding

We are fully insured and bonded in compliance with all city, state and federal requirements.

Environmentally Friendly

We recognize that we all have an obligation and responsibility to preserve the environment. As a result, we use recyclable, bio-degradable and environmentally safe products and containers. We firmly believe in the greater commitment to our planet.