Action Building Maintenance prides itself on open and honest communication with our clients. We encourage direct contact with our customers, and meet with them on a regular basis to determine the quality of our work and their level of satisfaction with our services. As we are committed to constant improvement, we welcome advice, criticism and suggestions from our clients. We provide the opportunity for both written and face-to-face discussions so that all concerns may be addressed efficiently and expeditiously. In addition, our supervisors make frequent contact so that any issues may be addressed on the spot, before they become annoying problems.
We offer round the clock services and always welcome any questions or concerns you may have.


The selection process for employees of Action Building Maintenance, Inc., involves extensive research, including criminal background checks and reference verification. We are so selective that only about three out of every fifty applicants are actually hired by our company.
Before beginning any job, our personnel are extensively briefed on the specific requirements for your building so they can do the best job possible. Those employees who continuously meet our rigorous requirements and high standards are well rewarded. We pay our staff based on a respectable compensation scale so that we retain exceptional workers and build a long-standing team relationship. You benefit from this policy by having your needs serviced by experienced workers who have the best interests of your company and its clients at heart. Additionally, by paying our workers fair wages, our employees are more inclined to stay with our company thereby reducing personnel turnover for our clients.

Furthermore, our clients can rest assured knowing that all our employees are legal residents as Action Building Maintenance ONLY hires legal workers. Your interests will never be compromised by having illegal workers on your premises.
In short, we are committed to professionalism. We offer quality, reliable employees who care about their work and your premises.


We are concerned with protecting your work environment. In addition to providing you with cleaning services, we care for your offices and furnishings. We use the most efficient and effective cleaning supplies and methods in a manner which gets the job done with no harm to your possessions. When necessary, we consult with specialists in the industry for advice regarding chemicals used and techniques for cleaning in order to achieve the best results.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance staff is made up of highly skilled and trained individuals who expertly supervise and manage workers as well as maintain communication with our clients to assess their individual and unique requirements. Top-level management frequent job sites on a weekly basis, minimally, to assure the quality of the work performed. We are 100% committed to:

  • . Excellent service
  • . Honesty and reliability in all of our actions
  • . Creating life-long customer relationships
  • . Exceeding customer expectations
  • . Cooperation and teamwork
  • . Constant attention to detail
  • . Customer service and satisfaction


In an effort to maintain the highest quality of service, Action Building Maintenance recognizes the importance of employees knowing exactly what is expected of them as well as the knowledge and skill to perform their assigned tasks.
Our training and development programs include intensive instruction on-site in every phase of custodial maintenance that is applicable. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • . General office cleaning
  • . Restroom cleaning
  • . Carpet maintenance and care
  • . Floor maintenance and care
  • . Supervisory skills
  • . Ground rules
  • . Attitude
  • . Work schedule
  • . Proper use of tools and chemicals
  • . Care of equipment
  • . Reports and evaluations


Our company considers safety to be a vital part of any contract that we undertake. Through training, we ensure that our employees keep your environment safe for everyone. Safety necessitates acting with common sense, good judgment and foresight for the welfare of all personnel and the maintenance of furnishings and equipment.
Goal - The major goal of our safety program is zero work-related accidents and injuries resulting in lost time.

Safety considerations - It is recognized that there are several safety considerations in our industry:

A - Working with hazardous chemicals
B - Disposal of hazardous chemicals and waste
C - Walking on wet floors
D - Lifting furniture and equipment

Workers are trained to follow all of the appropriate safety rules and regulations and in the operation of specific pieces of equipment. On site safety meetings include:

A - Safety training
B - Proper use of tools
C - Security procedures
D - Fire safety
E - Prevention
F - Evacuation procedure
G - Location of alarms and extinguishers


Action Building Maintenance is aware of the personnel and security procedures needed for your building and its occupants. With this in mind, the selection process for employees of Action Building Maintenance, Inc., involves extensive research, including criminal background checks and reference verification. In addition, we only hire legal workers. All of our employees dress in uniform.


Action Building Maintenance is committed to providing all of our clients with safe and environmentally responsible janitorial services and green cleaning solutions to help reduce contaminants harming our earth. Green Cleaning isn’t just about switching out traditional chemicals for “green” chemicals. It’s also about processes, procedures and training. Green Cleaning means using only the best in eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques and of course, all of our products are OSHA approved. But most significantly, research has shown how important Green Cleaning programs are to creating healthier environments and it doesn’t have to cost more.

We provide superior cleaning and service at competitive prices, while using products that have the least possible negative impact on the local environment.

We believe that through an innovative business model, exceptional service, and a commitment to the environment, we can provide our clients with the conscious choice and the right price!